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Course Preferences

Course Mode reflects whether you have enrolled as an online student or a classroom student as per our records. This field is read-only. If you need to change this, contact our helpdesk (My Account>>Helpdesk).

Course Batch reflects whether you wish to attend lectures in the morning batch or evening batch or both.

What are GRE Quant batch timings?
Morning Batch: 6:30AM to 8:00AM (India Time / IST)
Evening Batch: 7:00PM to 8:30PM (India Time / IST)
Note: The lectures happen for 5 weeks in the morning followed by 5 weeks in the evening and so on.

How to change batch preference?
You can edit your batch preference here: My Account>> My Profile.
If you are an online student, invitation emails to attend live lectures are triggered based on this field. By default no batch options are selected, so you won’t get any invitation emails. You can select your batch options by editing your profile. Note: Please select batch options appropriately to get invitation emails only for the batch(es) you want. To stop getting all invitation emails, deselect all batch options.

Fair Use Policy

The validity of the course is 6 Months. So, after 6 months your subscription to the online course and live lectures would expire. As long as your course is in the validity period, you may attend any lecture only once and you may take any quiz/test in the online course only two times.

How can I attend a lecture once again?
While we don’t give a blanket approval to attend all lectures once again, if you have a lecture or two that you wish to attend a second time, please contact our helpdesk. We would be happy to accommodate your request.

Calendar and Attendance

Please find below GRE Quant monthly calendar and your attendance so far. Please keep checking the calendar frequently. If there are any changes, the calendar would be modified accordingly.

How to attend live lectures?
If you haven’t attended a lecture, based on your batch preference you will automatically get an invitation email with Zoom webinar details for that lecture whenever it is scheduled next. Usually we send invitation emails 24 hours to 48 hours before the lecture. If you don’t receive an invitation email 24 hours before the lecture, please contact our helpdesk.

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