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IELTS is a standardized test to measure English proficiency and has four components – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Test preparation for IELTS includes understanding of various question types in all the four components and strategies to competently handle these question types.

IELTS Tutor course at aKademy helps students gain the required expertise in all the four components of IELTS. The course curriculum is split into a total of four modules. Listening and Reading modules have three lectures each and go in-depth into various question types and strategies to handle those question types in IELTS Listening and Reading respectively. Writing module has a total of five lectures. Two lectures are common for both Academic and General Training students and go in-depth into various models of Writing Task 2 (Opinion Piece). Another two lectures focus on Task 1 (Report Writing) models that are relevant for Academic students, while last lecture goes in-depth into Task 1 (Letter Writing) models necessary for General Training students. Speaking module has one lecture on introduction & strategy, which is followed by three sessions of mock interviews that orient students to all the three parts of IELTS Interview.

Assessment: IELTS Tutor course has more than 10 mock tests in Listening and Reading components offering students an intuitive and immersive learning experience. In Writing, up to 12 essays are thoroughly evaluated by our certified faculty. An estimated score and areas of improvement in Writing component are provided to the students. For Speaking, in addition to the three classroom sessions of mock interviews, students have an option to schedule two full mock interviews with our experienced trainers who can provide valuable insights and estimated score in Speaking component.

4 Modules of IELTS Tutor

To sum up, once you enroll in the IELTS Tutor course, the curriculum is divided into four modules. Apart from the lecture notes and mock tests available below, you also get access to live lectures! Each week, one of the four modules would be the focus, as our experienced faculty goes in-depth into that module through live lectures.

Please check out the planner in the course content below for batch lecture timings and other details.

Interested in enrolling? Check out the sample lessons listed in the course content below. Also, please attend a demo lecture by our experienced faculty before buying the course. Note: We organize live demo lectures every week.

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