Booking confirmation

Congratulations, your booking was successful!

Please don’t double-book so as to avoid confusion later on.

An email has been sent to your email id stating your appointment is pending admin approval. Please check “All emails” and “Spam” folders in your mailbox. Contact My Account>>Helpdesk if you don’t receive an email.

Next steps: You will get an approval email one day before the mock interview. You can cancel your interview appointment until you get the approval email. However, once you get the approval email, you cannot cancel your appointment. When you get the approval email, your attendance would be marked irrespective of whether you attend or don’t attend the interview later on.

How to cancel your interview appointment?
You can cancel by simply replying to the appointment pending email you received when you made the booking and request a cancellation. Once, we cancel your booking, you will get a cancellation email.

Please note that once we send the approval email, we cannot cancel your appointment!