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Right from my GRE preparation the course modules are very informative and carefully designed to make it easy for the students to grasp the concept in an effective manner. They do a great job of understanding students goals and creating a tailor made roadmap consisting of specific action items . Counselling on abroad education is very informative and the staff are very professional and approachable. The faculty and staff are well informed on all the latest news and announcements relevant to higher education abroad. Overall the experience has been very smooth.

Sesha Sai Thrishul M

The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructors made sure that they are giving the information in a way that won’t make me confused. Thank you AKADEMY

Pavan Kumar Rachakonda

Akademy has provided online classes for GRE, IELTS during this tough times. Venkat sir and Beaulah Ma’am have helped me in getting a good score .They make sure that every student in the class understand each point and they don’t hesitate to clarify even small doubts.

Sushanth Reddy G.S


This isn’t my first time taking IELTS test, I gave this test in 2013 and scored 7 bands overall and I had to take this test again on 10th Oct 2020 and my result is 7.5. Both the times I was trained through this Institute and Venkat Reddy Sir who is apparently owner of this institute was benevolent to waive my fee of Rs.8000/- (for the second time) that to after 7 years just because I am his previous student. That means a lot to me thank you Sir. I would highly recommend this institute to anyone who aspire to achieve good scores in IELTS and GRE. They are doing great job training students even during this pandemic through online classes. The tips and tricks given by instructors helped me a lot. Moreover, The mock interviews and mock tests which are part of the course makes the whole experience seem simple eventually. Take my word and just enroll, you wont regret it.

Anil Krishna G


Comfortable classrooms and excellent faculty.

aKademy’s faculty is effective at clearing all your doubts and their fluency in explaining the concepts is remarkable. The first guidance was provided by Venkat sir who was very crisp and precise in explaining the concepts in unique way. He was the one who allayed my fears for the exam in the beginning. Overall wonderful experience here!

Kartheek Rao M


Doubt clarification

The teaching here is perfect with sufficient time allocation for doubt clarification, teaching and also conducting exams as per each module. Thank you aKademy for helping me score 7.5 bands in IELTS.

Nikki Vadhri


Motivational and encouraging

Trainers motivate and encourage each and every student to get high scores. Mock tests conducted by aKademy are really helpful.

Manusha Katepalli


Helps achieve top scores

What i really loved about being part of aKademy is the friendly approach of all the faculty members to boost up one’s confidence and their guidance to achieve more than one could. Thanks to aKademy, I scored 7.5 bands in IELTS.

Pavan Kumar


Thorough reviews

I had an amazing experience here. Speaking interviews helped me a lot.I wrote all the 4 mock tests and got them reviewed thoroughly.

Sruthi Kotha


Perfect scheduling

It was great getting associated with aKademy. It helped me not just with coaching for ielts and gre but also in the process of application. With the support of the staff there and the perfectly scheduled training i scored 7.5 in IELTS. I would suggest all the students planning on writing exams for higher studies abroad to go to aKademy.

Jasmitha Markurthi


Clarity of thought

Primarily, Venkat sir gives clear understanding about exam format and how to deal each type of questions in detail.

Praveen Prakash


Helpful mocks

The way mock tests are conducted at aKademy is really helpful in scoring maximum marks in IELTS and GRE.

Dheeraj Ganesh


Innovative pedagogy

I have been always scared of numbers from the very beginning but as Gre is all about quant and english.I have decided to attend coaching at aKademy ,The quant and verbal module was taught by Venkat sir who made it a cake walk by his excellent teaching of concepts.Even the words were taught in a innovative way which helps to crack the verbal module too.

Manisha Miryala


Genuine feedback

Techniques and strategies provided by Venkat sir are highly effective in cracking GRE and IELTS. Faculty here advised me on approaching the exam with right mindset and provided me genuine feedback in all aspects during Mock Tests. I would recommend aKademy to all the aspirants who are serious about getting good scores.

Krishna Chaitanya G


Very patient

Best place for IELTS coaching, coming to highlights of this institute the instructors here are very patient, friendly, I thank for all the support and service given for me. Thanks to venkat sir and rest of the staff.

Raj Mora


Builds confidence

aKademy is the best place for all the GRE & IELTS aspirants. Their intense strategies towards classes, study plans, preparation, mock sessions, tests are the main builders of confidence in me to achieve a fabulous score.

Kiran Jella


Professional approach

aKademy is the best place to get good scores in IELTS and GRE. The tutors are very professional and the timetable and mock tests are well designed which gives an extra effort for the students preparation. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for the IELTS or GRE coaching.

Anirudh Sai


Affordable price

Best GRE coaching program at an affordable price. Wonderful staff and excellent student assistance. Especially in GRE verbal section. They have a unique and fun way to improve vocabulary. I would surely recommend to everyone.

Sumukesh Gupta


Special attention

If you have a target of achieving top score, aKademy is the best place. They pay special attention on every individual. My experience with both Gre and Ielts was adorable. Thanks to Venkat sir and his team for helping me in getting good scores.

Hemanth Reddy


Excellent techniques

Friendly teaching and atmosphere. Mock tests helped me a lot! Moreover, the techniques and subject taught by the faculty fetched me for my attempt.

Siva Shanu


Committed trainers

You know the best thing about the institute is Venkat sir. His teaching skills with day to day example and his commitment towards students is really great.

Manidhar Reddy


Helpful staff

Great Institute! The teaching staff has been quite helpful throughout the preparation and examination process. I strongly recommend this institute to the people who would want to go for GRE and IELTS coaching.

Haripriya Vuppu


Friendly teaching

Best place to learn IELTS. Friendly teaching , I have not attended any mock but the classroom teaching helped me alot . I like to prefer this place to my friends . I have secured 7.0 bands in IELTS.

Rama Rao Mudiraj


Doubts are encouraged

Great leaning platform. Friendly and interactive tutors. Doubts are encouraged

Sai Vinay Reddy